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Here you can purchase motherboard schematic diagrams(circuit diagrams) for laptops.
All schematic diagrams(circuit diagrams) are in electronic PDF format. 
OEM part diagrams with OEM part numbers
 (Exploded views/ diagrams)
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Please go through the list below once you confirm your Laptop Model proceed to order after payment confirmation a laptop schematic diagram will be email to you. Alternatively if you cannot find your laptop model listed here  you can request for a specific model  because we cannot possibly list all the models in our database here
  • Acer
  • Advent
  • Ahtec
  • Aigo
  • Alienware
  • Amoi
  • Amtek
  • Aopen
  • Apple
  • Arima (Flextronics)
  • Asus
  • Averatec
  • Benq
  • Bliss
  • Clevo
  • Compal
  • Compaq
  • Dell
  • E-System
  • ECS-Uniwill
  • eMachines
  • Ergo
  • Everex
  • FIC
  • Foxconn
  • Fujitsu-Siemens
  • Gateway
  • Gericom
  • Gigabyte
  • HCL Infosystems
  • HP
  • HP-Compaq
  • IBM
  • IRU
  • JVC
  • Kohjinsha (工人舎)
  • Lengda
  • Lenovo
  • LG
  • Medion
  • Micron (MPC)
  • Mitac
  • Motion Computing
  • MSI
  • NEC
  • Novatech
  • Packard Bell
  • Panasonic
  • Patriot
  • Philips
  • Prestigio
  • Quanta
  • RoverBook
  • Sager
  • Samsung
  • Sharp
  • Sony
  • Targa
  • Toshiba
  • Twinhead
  • vprMatrix
  • Vye Computers
  • WinBook
HP Compaq Presario A900 (LA-3981P)
Presario CQ40 AMD (Compal LA-4114P)
HP 500 510 (Compal LA-3361P)
2133 (INVENTEC Galileo)
2510P (Quanta OT2)
2533T JBU00 (Compal LA-3941P)
2710p (Wistron Norn)
320 (GM45, 13″/14″) – Villemont Intel UMA – 
1310A23446-0-MTR – Villemont 2010 (Montevina 
Intel-UMA) DDR3-MV Build (A02)
320 (GM45, 15″) – Villemont Intel UMA – 
1310A23646-0-MTR – Villemont 2010 (Montevina 
Intel-DIS) DDR3-MV Build (A01)
510 511 610 (Inventec Vulcain Discrete SI)
510 511 610 (Inventec Vulcain UMA PV)
510 511 610 (Inventec Vulcain UMA SI)
520 530 550 (Compal LA-3491P)
540 6520s 6720s (Inventec DDD UMA)
6510B 6710B (Inventec DD1.0) 6050A2088101-MB-A03
6515B 6715B 6715S (Inventec TT 1.0) 
6520s 6525s 540 541 (Invemtec DDD Discrete)
6530B 6730B (Inventec DD08)
6530s 6531S 6730s 6820s 6830s – INVENTEC ZZI MV 
6530s 6730s (Inventec Zygo Zodiac)
6535S 6735S AMD (Inventec Prince Pearl)
6735 6535b (Inventec TT2.0)
6910p (Compal LA-3261p)
6910P (Compal LA-3262P)
8710W 8710P (Compal LA-3331P)
CQ10 (Inventec Bixby 2.0) 2009
CQ40 AMD (Compal LA-4111P)
CQ40 CQ45 Pavilion DV4 Intel UMA (Compal LA-4101P)
CQ41 (Compal LA-4107P)
CQ43 CQ57 (Foxconn Chicago)
CQ50 CQ60 AMD (Wistron Astrosphere) MCP77
CQ50 CQ60 CQ70 HP G50 G60 G60T (Wistron WARRIOR)
CQ61 (Quanta OP8)
CQ61 CQ71(Quanta OP6 OP7)
NC4200 TC4200 (Compal LA-2211)
NC4400 (Compal LA-3031P)
NC6000 (Inventec Diamond)
NC6230 NC8230 Evo Notebook N410c (Inventec Vail)
NC6400 (Compal LA-2951P)
NC6400 (Compal LA-2952P)
NC8000 (Inventec Ruby)
NX6110 (Inventec Davos-DF)
NX6125 (Compal LA-2541)
NX6320 (Quanta OT1)
NX7000 NX7010 Pavilion ZT3000 (Compal LA-1701)
NX7400 (Inventec Gallo)
NX9000 NX9030 NX9040 & Presario 2100 (Quanta KT7I)
NX9010 (Quanta KT9D)
NX9040 Presario 2200 Pavilion EZ4900 (Quanta KT2)
NX9420 NW9440 (Compal LA-2821P)
Presario C300 (Compal LA-3342P)
Presario C500 (Compal IBL30 LA-3343P)
Presario C500 (Compal LA-3341P)
Hp Compaq Presario C700 (Compal IBL80 LA-3732P)
Presario C700 (Compal LA-4031P)
Presario CQ35 Pavilion DV3 (Discrete) – LA-4731P 
Rhett discrete – Montevina Consumer Discrete
Presario CQ45 (Wistron Vitas)
R3000 (AMD) ZV5000 (Compal LA-1851)
V3000 V3500 DV2000 AMD MCP67 (Wistron Tibet)
V5000 (Compal LA-2771)
HP CQ43 (Foxconn TPN-F101/TPN-F102 Montevina)
HP G42 G56 G62 Compaq CQ42 CQ56 CQ62 AMD (Quanta AX2 AX7)
HP G42 G62 Compaq CQ42 CQ62 Intel UMA Discrete (Quanta AX1)
HP G62 Compaq CQ62 (Foxconn STAR-Federer)
HP G62 G72 Compaq Presario CQ42 CQ62 (Quanta Wimbledon AX3 AX5) DAOAX3MB6C0 Laptop
HP HP430 HP431 HP435 HP630 CQ43 CQ57 (Foxconn Chicago)
New Arrivals
Dell Inspiron 15-3542 (Wistron Cedar) 13269-1 
FX3MC Laptop Schematics (Tải: 7,515)
Apple Macbook Air A1370 (K78 MLB) Laptop 
Schematics (Tải: 1,292)
Apple MacBook Air A1369 (Apple SCHEM,MLB,K16) Laptop Schematics
FIC PCA40D (Calpella Platform) Laptop Schematics 
Acer TravelMate 8372 (Inventec BAP/BXP30) Laptop Schematics
Packard Bell EasyNote TX86 (Wistron SJM50-CP) 
Laptop Schematics (Tải: 496)
HP Mini 5103 (Inventec GUCCI 3.0) Laptop Schematics 
PHILCO PHN14118D (ECS I4XSIX) Laptop Schematics
ECS I36IAx Laptop Schematics 
Dell N5050 (Wistron DV15 Huron River UMA) Laptop Schematics 
Popular Downloads
Acer Aspire 6530 (Quanta ZK3) Laptop Schematics 
Sony Vaio VGN-AW series (Foxconn M780) MBX-194 Laptop Schematics
Sony VGN-AR130 AR320E (Foxconn MS21) MBX-164 Laptop Schematics
Sony VGN-CR13 CR220E CR405 (MBX-177) Laptop Schematics
HP Pavilion DV6000 – Compaq Presario V6000 Intel 945 (Quanta AT6) Laptop Schematics 
Sony Vaio VGN-AR Series (MBX-176 M610) laptop schematics 
HP DV2000 945PM (Wistron KAI)
HP DV3000 Intel (Inventec Diablo)
HP DV4 Intel Series (Compal LA-4042P)
HP DV6 6000 (Flex H510UA1) HPMH-40GAB6300-D
HP Pavilion DV4 (Compal LA-4117P)
HP Pavilion 14 15 (Quanta U81)
HP Pavilion 14 15 17 (Quanta R63)
HP Pavilion 15 – HP 440 G1 (Quanta U83)
HP Pavilion 15 (Compal LA-A994P)
HP Pavilion 15 (Quanta U82)
HP Pavilion 15 series (Quanta R62)
HP Pavilion 17 AMD (Quanta R7X)
HP Pavilion DM1 (Quanta NM9)
HP Pavilion DM3 (Flex Arwen UA1)
HP Pavilion DV1000 (Quanta CT1)
HP Pavilion DV1000 (Quanta CT6)
HP Pavilion DV1000 DV4000 ZE2000 Compaq M2000 (Quanta CT3)
HP Pavilion DV2000 – Compaq V3000 AMD (Wistron Shiba)
HP Pavilion DV2000 – Compaq V3000 Intel (Wistron Pamirs-Discrete)
HP Pavilion DV2000 (Winstron Pamirs UMA)
HP Pavilion DV2000 Intel (Wistron Akita)
HP Pavilion DV3 (Compal LA-4481P)
HP Pavilion DV3 CQ35 UMA (Compal LA-4732P)
HP Pavilion DV3000 (Inventec Diablo 2.0)
HP Pavilion DV4 (Compal LA-4105P)
HP Pavilion DV4 CQ40 AMD (Compal LA-4112p)
HP Pavilion DV4 CQ40 CQ45 (Compal LA-4102P LA-4103P)
HP Pavilion DV4 CQ41 Core i3 i5 (Compal LA-4106P)
HP Pavilion DV4 DM4 (Inventec Zidane MR1331)
HP Pavilion DV4 DV4-4000 UMA (Inventec KITTY14I)
HP Pavilion DV4-3001TX (Foxconn Rain Calpella)
HP Pavilion DV4000 (leopard2)
HP Pavilion DV5 (Inventec ST145a-UMA)
HP Pavilion DV5 AMD (Quanta QT8)
HP Pavilion DV5 Intel (Quanta QT6)
HP Pavilion DV5000 (Compal LA-2841)
HP Pavilion DV6 (Quanta LX3 LX5 – Huron River)
HP Pavilion DV6 AMD (Quanta LX89)
HP Pavilion DV6, DV7 (Flex HPMH-40GAB6600 HPMH-40GB6200)
HP Pavilion DV6000 – Compaq Presario V6000 Intel 945 (Quanta AT6)
HP Pavilion DV6000 DV9000 – Compaq F500 F700 AMD MCP67 (Quanta AT1)
HP Pavilion DV6000 DV9000 AMD N6150 (Quanta AT8=AT9)
HP Pavilion DV6700 Intel 965 (Quanta AT3)
HP Pavilion DV7 (COMPAL LA-4081P)
HP Pavilion DV7 (Compal LA-4082P)
HP Pavilion DV7 (Quanta LX6 LX7)
HP Pavilion DV7 (Quanta UP6 UP7)
HP Pavilion DV7 AMD (Compal LA-4093P)
HP Pavilion DV7 AMD (UMA) JBK00 LA-4091P laptop
HP Pavilion DV7 AMD JBK00 (Compal LA-4092P)
HP Pavilion DV9000 Intel 965 (Quanta AT5)
HP Pavilion DX6600 V6500 (Quanta AT3U)
HP Pavilion G4 (Quanta R13) DA0R13MB6E0
HP Pavilion G4 G6 AMD DIS (Quanta R53)
HP Pavilion G4 G6 G7 (Quanta R12)
HP Pavilion G4 G6 G7 (Quanta R22)
HP Pavilion G4 G6 G7 (Quanta R33)
HP Pavilion G4 G6 G7 DV6 (Quanta R18D)
HP Pavilion G4, G6, G7 (Quanta R23)
HP Pavilion G6 (Inventec Rocky2 RKY15HR) 6050A2454801-MB-A01 Huron River
HP Pavilion G6 AMD (Inventec ROCKY-AMD) RKY15SB 6050A2412801-MB-A02
HP Pavilion TX1000/TX1320 (Quanta TT8)
HP Pavilion TX2500 (Quanta TT9)
HP Pavilion XV5200 Compaq NX9105 (Compal LA-2392)
HP Pavilion ZD7000 (Quanta NT1)
HP Pavilion ZD8000 (Quanta NT2)
HP Pavilion ZE2000 (Quanta CT8)
HP Pavilion ZE2000(AMD),Pavilion dv1000(AMD), HP Compaq Presario M2000(AMD)
HP Pavilion ZT1000 (Compal LA-1044) Laptop Schematcis
HP Pavilion ZT1000 (Compal LA-1301 LA-1302)
HP Pavilion zv5000 zx5000 (Compal LA-1811)
HP Pavilion ZV6000 (Compal LA-2421)
HP Pavillion MS21 (Quanta ZN1)
Dell Inspiron M101z (Compal LA-6132P M10 Andros)
[Bios] Dell Inspiron N5010 Core i5 VGA
1320 (Compal LA-5162P)
1000 (Quanta VM5)
1150 (Compal LA-1684)
1318 (Wistron Beyonce UMA)
1370 (Compal LA-5541P)
13Z N301Z
14 15 5000 (Compal LA-B015P)
14 15 5000 (Compal LA-B016P)
1420 Vostro 1400 (Elsa Lanai Discrete)
1420 Vostro 1400 (Elsa Lanai UMA)
1427 (Compal LA-4841P)
1427 (Wistron Foose Intel)
1427 (Wistron Foose UMA AMD 15.4)
1440 (Wistron Alba Discrete)
1440 (Wistron ALBA UMA)
1464 1564 1764 (Quanta UM3B UM6B) DAUM3BMB6E0
1470 1570 (Quanta UM2 UMA)
14R N4020 (Wistron DJ1 Montevina UMA)
14z-5423 (Wistron DMB40 BMW-Z4-DIS)
15 3537 (Compal LA-9981P)
15 5535 (Compal LA-9103P)
15 5545 (Compal LA-B651P)
15-3542 (Wistron Cedar) 13269-1 FX3MC
1501 (Quanta KIRIN – FX2 with NS)
1520 1720 Vostro 1400 (Quanta FM5 Cosica – Gilligan UMA)
1520 1720 Vostro 1400 (Quanta FM5 Dis)
1521 (Quanta FX5)
1525 (Wistron Spears Intel UMA)
1525 1526 (Wistron DS2 AMD)
1545 (Wistron Roberts)
15R 5521 (Compal LA-9101P)
15R 5525 (Compal LA-8251P)
15R 5537 (Compal LA-9982P)
1745 (Compal LA-5151P)
1745 (Compal LA-5152P)
17R 5735 (Compal LA-A691P)
17R N7110 (Quanta R03/V03 UMA)
17R N7110 (Quanta V03A DIS/UMA)
2420 3420 (Wistron DV14 MLK DIS)
2500 (Compal LA-961)
2600 (Compal LA-1181)
2650 (Compal LA-1271)
3421 (Wistron DNE40-CR MB) Essentials Oak14 Chief River DIS
3437 5437 (Wistron Hadley15)
3521 (Compal LA-9104P)
3531 (Compal LA-B481P)
5150 (Compal LA-1682)
5520 7520 Vostro 3560 (Compal LA-8241P)
5720 7720 (Quanta R09, R09A)
6000 (Compal LA-2151)
630M-XPS M140 (Wistron Barbados)
6400 E1505 (Quanta FM1)
700m 710m (Wistron Molokai)
8200 (Compal LA-1221)
8500 (Compal LA-1351)
9100 (Compal LA-1711)
9200 (Compal LA-2501)
9300 (Compal LA-2171)
AMD M301Z Dell Flex
DELL Inspiron AMD M301Z Flex H320UA 40GAB4900
B120 B130 1300 (WISTRON KEY WEST DK1)
M102Z (Compal LA-7161P)
M4040 (Wistron Enrico 14 AMD)
M421R (Quanta R0AA)
M5010 (Wistron Berry AMD Discrete UMA)
M5030 (Wistron Chelsea DJ2 AMD UMA)
M5030 Intel (Wistron DJ2 CP UMA)
M5110 (Wistron DQDN15 AMD QUEEN M12)
MINI 10 (Compal LA-4761P)
Mini 10 1012 (Compal LA-5732P NIM10 UMA – REV 0.2)
Mini 11 (Compal LA-5461P)
Mini 1210 (Compal LA-4501P)
Mini 9 (Compal LA-4421P)
N3010 (Quanta Um7 UMA)
N3010 (Quanta UM7B Discrete)
N4010 (Quanta UM8 UMA)
N4010 (Quanta UM8B Discrete) Core i3 ATI VGA
N4030 (Wistron Arsenal DJ1 Discrete) and boardview
N4030 (Wistron Arsenal DJ1 Intel Discrete)
N4030 (Wistron DJ1 Calpella UMA)
N4050 Vostro 1450 (Wistron Enrico Caruso 14) HM67
N5010 (Wistron Berry DG15 Discrete / UMA )
N5040 (Wistron Enrico Caruso 15 CP)
N5110 (Wistron Queen 15)
Insprion 17R (N7010) Discrete (Quanta UM9B/C)
Insprion 17R (N7010) UMA (QUANTA UM9)
Mini 1018 netbook (Compal LA-6501P)
N5050 (Wistron DV15 Huron River UMA)
Studio 1555 (Quanta FM8 FM8B)
Toshiba Satellite E55 (Compal LA-A481P)
Toshiba Satellite L670 (Compal LA-6052P)
Toshiba Satellite L670 L675 (Compal LA-6041P)
Toshiba Satellite L670D L675D (Compal LA-6054P)
Toshiba Satellite M600 M645 (Compal LA-6072P)
Satelite P200D (Compal LA-3831P JASAA)
1000 1005 (Compal LA-1311)
1000 1110 (Compal LA-1521)
1100 (Compal LA-1421)
1130 1135 (Compal LA-1641)
1200 (Compal LA-1441)
1700 (Compal LA-854)
1905 (Compal LA-1391)
1950 1955 (Compal LA-1432)
2430 2435 (Compal LA-1541)
3000 (Compal LA-1081)
3000 (Compal LA-1121)
30CDT (Compal LA-971) Laptop
A100 A105 (Inventec SA10E San Antonia 10E)
A100 A105 (Inventec San Antonio)
A100 A110 (Compal LA-3201P)
A110 (Compal LA-3171P)
A135 (Compal LA-3401P)
A135-S2686 (Compal LA-3391P)
A200 (Inventec MW10M) 6050A2120801-MB-A02
A200 A205 (Compal LA-3481P) Laptop
A200 A205 (Compal LA-3661P)
A200 A215 AMD (Inventec Milwaukee 10A) 6050A2127101-MB-A02
A210 A215 (Compal LA-3631P) Latop
A30 (Compal LA-2051)
A30 A35 (Compal LA-1931)
A300 (Quanta BL5S)
A300 A300D A350D (Compal LA-4581P)
A300 A305 (Inventec PRELIMINARY TEST)
A300D (Quanta BD3A)
A300D (Quanta BD3G)
A350 (Compal LA-4571P)
A500 (Compal LA-4991P)
A500 (Compal LA-4993P)
A500 (Compal LA-5361P)
A500 (Compal NSKAE LA-5381P)
A500 L500D (Compal LA-4971P KSWAE Liverpool 10AR/10ARG )
A505-S6025 (Quanta TW3A)
A660 A665 (Compal LA-6062p)
A665 (Compal LA-6061P)
A70 (Compal LA-2301)
A80 (Compal LA-2491)
A80 (Compal LA-2811)
C50-B C55-B (Compal LA-B301P)
C600 (Inventec Calcutta 10) HM55 DDR3
C650 (Inventec Manaus 10AD)
C650 (Inventec MAS10M)
C650-Manaus 10 CS BUILD (Inventec Berlin 10)
C650D C655D L650D (Inventec Manaus 10AB 10ABG)
C650D C655D L650D (Inventec Manaus 10R)
C660 (Compal LA-6841P)
C660 (Compal LA-6843P)
C660 (Compal LA-6847P)
C660 (Compal LA-6849P)
C660 (Compal LA-7202)
C660 (Compal LA-7203P)
C660 (Compal LA-7204P)
C660 (Compal PWWHA LA-7201P)
C660 C655 (Compal LA-6842P)
C805D (Quanta BY7D) Laptop
L10 (Quanta EW3)
L200 M200 (Inventec Miami 10)
L30 (Quanta BL1)
L30 L35 (Quanta BL3)
L300 (Inventec PS10) 6050A2264901-MB-A02
L300 L305 (Inventec PS10S)
L300D (Inventec Phoenix Sacramento 10A)
L310 (Quanta TE1M)
L40 (Compal LA-9862P)
L40-A L45-A (Compal LA-9861P)
L40D (Compal LA-9869P)
L40D-A (Compal LA-9868P)
L450D (Compal NBWAE LA-5831P)
L500 (Compal LA-4982P)
L500 (Compal LA-5322P)
L500 L500D L550 (Compal LA-5331P)
L500 L510 L531 L515-S4007 (Inventec Perugia10M)
L500D (Compal LA-5332P)
L505D (Inventec Rotterdam 10AR RT10AR) 6050A2250801
L600 (Quanta TE2D)
L600 L640 (Quanta TE2) DAOTE2MB6F0
L600D P205D (Quanta TE3)
L630 (Inventec Bremen 10)
L645 L650 (Quanta BL6)
L650 L650D (Inventec Berlin 10G BL10G)
L655 L750 L755 (Quanta BLB) Laptop
L670D L675D (Compal LA-6053P)
L700 (Quanta TE4)
L700 (Quanta TE5)
L730 (Quanta Bu5)
L730 (Quanta BU5D)
L750 (Quanta BLBD)
M100 (Compal LA-3011)
M100 (Compal LA-3141)
M100 (Compal LA-3142P)
M18 (Inventec Cricket 2.0)
M300 M305 (Quanta TE1)
M30X M35X (Compal LA-2461)
M35X M40X (EAL20 Compal LA-2462)
M40X (Compal LA-2691)
M50 (Compal LA-2861)
M50DT U50D (Compal LA-A551P)
M55 (Compal LA-2721)
M65 (Compal LA-2741)
M70-352 (Compal LA-2871)
NB505 (Compal LA-6851P)
NB550D (Compal LA-6852P)
P10 (Compal LA-1911)
P10 (Compal LA-2101)
P100 P105 (Quanta BD1)
P20 (Compal LA-2041)
P20 P25 (Compal LA-2181)
P200 (Compal LA-3711P) Laptop
P200 P205 X200 X205 (Compal ISRAA LA-3441P)
P25-S526 (Compal LA-1841)
P30 (Compal LA-2451)
P30 P35 (Compal LA-2371)
P300 P305 (Quanta BL5M)
P750 (Compal LA-6831P) Core i7
P755 (Compal LA-6832P)
P770 P775 (Compal LA-7211P)
P775 (Compal PEQAE LA-7291P)
P775D (Compal LA-7213P)
P850 (Compal LA-8391P)
P850 P855 (Compal LA-8392P)
Pro L100 (Quanta BH1)
Pro L20 L25 (Quanta EW6)
Pro L300 (Inventec PT10SC)
Pro L300 L305D (Inventec PS10AP)
Pro L40 (Asus Teresa)
Pro L40
Pro L450 (Compal LA-5821P)
S1900 (Compal LA-1251)
S40-A (Compal LA-9863P)
S40T VSKTA (Compal LA-9865P)
T110 (Quanta BU3)
T210 (Compal LA-6031p)
T235 (Compal LA-6032P)
U400D (Quanta BU2)
U940 U945 (Compal LA-9161P)
Sattelite C600 C640 HM65 (Inventec CT10R)
Sattelite C850 C855 (Inventec DAKAR 10F/FG)
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